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How to calculate your total injury claim after a car accident

Guessing a dollar figure for your car accident claim can be confusing, and well, of course it is. A consultation with your car accident lawyer can help you figure out how much your claim is worth. Although, there is no exact science to calculate your car insurance claim, but there are a few areas of interest where car insurance companies and car accident lawyers will focus on.

Car insurance coverage:  

The at-fault driver’s car insurance coverage plays an important part as you could only have a claim if he or she has the money in their insurance coverage. If the defendant’s car insurance coverage has only $50, 000, you would be getting only that amount even if your expenses exceed that value. In order to compensate for the remaining amount, you would have to sue the at-fault driver or make a claim for your underinsured motorist coverage.

Hospital and medical bills:

If you have sustained injuries as a result of the accident and have taken treatment in any other way, the medical bills make up an important part of your injury claim value. It is important to keep all the receipts during your trip to the hospital for treatment as medical bills as they would be the only proof, regardless of whether you are in your hospital gown or not. An additional piece of advice would be to add your medical bills only after you are healed completely to bill the full cost of your treatment.

Vehicle damage:

The accident would impact the car undoubtedly. But if the damage was minimal, the insurer would take it as an opportunity to argue that the there is no damage or the cost of damage is really low. However, if you have made any repairs or changes to the vehicle because of the accident, it is important to keep the receipts to provide proof. We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words; therefore, if you are in the capacity, do take pictures of the damage that was done to the vehicle right after the accident.

Pain and suffering:

It is common for people to experience stress, anxiety, PTSD among other things which stems as a result of a car accident. Even though they may be physically fine, despite the hospital trips, some accident victims could undergo livelong psychological problems which would obviously need frequent trips to a doctor. Apart from the mental and psychological impacts, some victims could become permanently disabled which would require lifelong medical assistance.

These kind of injuries come under ‘pain and suffering’ and while it is difficult to assess the cost, a formula of ‘multiplier’ is used by the insurance companies between the numbers 1.5 to 6. The number will vary from injury to injury where the number will be then used to multiply the total medical bills.

Loss of consortium:

When your partner or spouse gets injured because of the accident, you will be eligible for compensation as well. Remember that the amount is only awarded to the partner who is not injured.